What is Plandou
A complete management system for installations / architectural elements

Maintenance companies, governments, housing associations, inspection bodies and consultancy firms can easily work together within Plandou with the appropriate modules. Malfunction registrations, optimizing maintenance, handling work orders, document management, managing employees, management reports and multi-year budget are a selection of the modules that can be used within Plandou, depending on the organization.

Why Plandou?

Working cost-effectively with control, insight, cooperation on maintenance and service activities.

More control over your maintenance and service activities. Which results in a better MJOP

Real-time reports on contract terms. Direct adjustments where attention is required.

Collaborate on the same elements. Sharing information with relevant organizations with tailored modules.

Easy to integrate with other software packages.

Lean and mean by design. Easy to understand.

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About the environment

Plandou is a flexible cloud solution (SaaS) that suits your company

Platform is a modular platform in the cloud. An internet connection is the minimum required to use Plandou. Various modules can be linked to your account and your subscription is based on that.


Plandou can be used on a contract basis and can be canceled monthly. There are therefore no additional investments and you do not need specialist knowledge in the field of system management.


Our applications run in a cloud environment on our dynamic database. This is an ISO 27001 certified environment and is backed up and maintained on a daily basis.


You have 24/7 access to the software via the internet and we take care of the daily management and maintenance of the infrastructure for you. We keep the software up to date with new versions and updates.

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Who can use Plandou

Maintenance companies
For handling malfunction registrations and maintenance by their internal employees.

For checking element performance that is being maintained by large maintenance organizations.

Inspection authorities
For adding safety certificates and inspection points of approved elements.For, among other things, adding safety certificates and inspection points of approved elements.

Consultancy firms
For setting up multi-year maintenance plans.

Housing associations 
For centralizing all logs and other technical documentation.

These companies preceded you

Below is a selection of the organizations that work with Plandou. We have selected the organizations that differ most in terms of activities.


Insight into performance and costs

Various housing associations use Plandou to provide insight into the performance and costs of technical installations. For this they use modules that help to create performance and condition reports. An MJOP can be compiled from this data.

Ready to try for yourself?

If you request a demo, we will create an account for you with the modules that apply to you. This will be coordinated with a telephone consultation. You are not committed to anything and if you no longer want to use it, you can send us an email about this. It's that simple.

If you want to continue using Plandou for your organization, we will create an account in the production environment and then the consumption costs will start. This will be done through a conversation. So we would say try it yourself.

Request a demo

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In good hands

Fast and personal approach. We like short lines. 

Pay for what you use
No unnecessary costs for functionalities that you do not use. Account is tailored to your wishes.No unnecessary costs for functionalities that you do not use. Account is tailored to your wishes.

Made by industry specialists
Plandou has been developed with knowledge from various corners of the technical installation industry.Plandou has been developed with knowledge from various corners of the technical installation industry.

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